Recent work on grade 2 star listed home

Below are some of the problems associated with listed buildings or lime mortar brickwork repair, that’s why we always bring in the best available trades to carry out work on listed buildings:


  • Incorrect use of cement mortar instead of lime mortar which doesn’t allow the structure to breathe or wick, like lime does!
  • Absence of dampness control – Drying and carbonation are two procedures
  • Mortar excessively wet – Pre-blended fat lime mortars will once in a while require the expiration of any additional water
  • Absence of assurance from wind/sun – This will cause indistinguishable impacts from point 1 (above)
  • Inappropriate aggregate mix leading to the impacts of shrinkage
  • Not completely compacted Lime mortar mix
  • An excessive amount of mortar utilized
  • Not enough blending when mixing the mortars
  • Completely de-hydrated
Recent work on grade 11 listed home